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Welcome to Quest Martial Arts, where we provide elite martial arts instruction focusing on character development, self defense, and physical fitness to the Jacksonville, MD and Phoenix, MD area. Since we view martial arts as an individual’s journey, students are trained and promoted based on their own personal progress and abilities rather than being compared to anyone else. Our classes are designed to be age-specific to meet the varying needs of our students, who range in age from young children through adults.

We teach a Korean style of martial arts called Hapkido, which incorporates a variety of joint locks, pressure point attacks, throws, take-downs, kicks, and strikes. Hapkido emphasizes circular motions which allow a defender to easily counter a larger opponent. We are a proud member of the United States Korean Martial Arts Federation, an internationally recognized organization whose goal is to increase the amount of knowledge available to and to set higher standards for students to attain. Quest Martial Arts is also internationally certified through the Korea Kido Association, also known as the Dae Han Kido Hwe, the oldest Hapkido organization in the world.

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