Quest Martial Arts Dojang is Safe, Clean and Inviting

Quest Hapkido Dojang

Our dojang is a friendly, warm and inviting place that our students view as a second home.

For our student’s safety, our facility is equipped with Carpet Bonded Foam matted floors which combine the sure footing of carpet with the protection of 2″ foam mats.  Additionally, we have four portable 2.5” panel mats and a 8” thick gymnastics mat.  We keep our equipment in top shape and clean our facility daily.

In addition to our martial arts training tools like kicking targets and mats, to enhance our workouts, our dojang also has a variety of dumbbells, resistance bands, gliders and more.

Our lobby provides plenty of seating for watching class. We also offer free Wi-Fi, cable TV and magazines for our guests.

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