Quest Martial Arts Adult Program

Quest Hapkido Adults Program

Our Adult Program teaches practical self-defense techniques and offers a rigorous workout in a fun and inclusive community.  Since we view martial arts as an individual’s ongoing journey for self-perfection, students are trained and promoted based on their personal progress and skills rather than being compared to anyone else.

Hapkido, the martial art we teach, relies on knowledge and movement rather than on strength to complete techniques, making it the perfect martial art for self-defense for people of all sizes and fitness levels. Training in martial arts not only teaches you the skills you need to defend yourself, it also helps you develop the confidence and knowledge to prevent dangerous situations from developing in the first place.

The techniques we practice have been used and developed for over 4,000 years in combat.  We are a proud member of the USKMAF, the United States Korean Martial Arts Federation, which is headed by Grandmaster J.R. West.  Grandmaster West originally learned and used Hapkido while on active duty as a part of the Korean 25th Infantry, also known as the Tiger Division of the Special Forces.  After returning home from the war, he met and continued his training under Dr. He-Young Kimm, one of the most respected martial arts experts in the world.  Our students have several opportunities each year to train with Grandmaster West, Dr. Kimm and other martial arts Masters and Grandmasters from around the world.

Our classes feature the latest innovations in the fitness industry.  Master Jim Bannister is a Certified Personal Trainer under the NSPA.  He also trains weekly with Michael Kelly, our fitness advisor, owner of No Limit Fitness and Sports Performance, and a leading trainer and physical therapist.  Master Jim Bannister brings elements of his training sessions to the Adult Class, keeping our workouts fresh, exciting and challenging.  Master Debbie Bannister trains several times a week with James Phillips, one of the most experienced Personal Trainers with Life Bridge Health and Fitness, and also incorporates elements of her workouts in class.  Our workouts include exercises specifically designed to develop explosiveness, coordination, strength, cardiovascular fitness, and flexibility.

The friendly atmosphere of our school creates an environment where training partners become like family. Our community is fun and inclusive, and our students often get together outside of class.  Through martial arts, you will also have the opportunity to meet martial artists both in our local community and from around the world through international seminars.

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