Martial Arts Benefits: Self-Defense, Fitness, Stress Relief

Martial Arts Benefits for Adults


While some martial arts styles are more geared toward sport, Hapkido was developed and used in combat as a comprehensive self-defense system.  In fact, most of our military’s special forces incorporate Hapkido in their self-defense training.  Hapkido techniques rely on skill rather than size and strength, making it an excellent self-defense for people of all sizes.  Unlike many self-defense arts, Hapkido doesn’t just teach situational self-defense.  Our students learn self-defense concepts which can be successfully applied regardless of the nature of the attack.  


With the sedentary nature of our modern lifestyle and the ever-growing obesity rate, it is more important than ever to get fit.  Many people attempt to address this problem by going to the gym, but unfortunately, very few stick with it.  80 percent of people who join a gym quit within 5 months, and only half of all gym members train on a regular basis.  At Quest Martial Arts, we hold you accountable for your training and our instructors are dedicated toward pushing you to perform at a higher level than you would on your own.  Each workout in our adult classes at Quest Martial Arts is unique, eliminating the frustrating grind of ordinary gym workouts, and far more fun than a normal gym workout, making martial arts the perfect way to get and stay fit!

Stress Relief

The amazing technology that has been developed in recent years has made our lives incredibly productive and efficient.  The speed at which this very efficiency allows us to live, however, has also created a need to keep up with the ever-faster pace of our lives and has generated an abundance of stress.  Our breathing exercises and meditation help teach you to keep your stress under control in your day-to-day life.  And, if that doesn’t work, what better way to burn off stress than to kick a heavy pad?

Friendship & Community

As an adult, it can be challenging to meet friends with mutual interests and similar outlooks.  Because our classes are designed so students work together throughout most of our classes, we provide ample opportunity for them to make new friends.  In addition to training together in class, our adult class has regular social get-togethers which everyone is welcome to attend.  At Quest Martial Arts, students and instructors are like family to each other.

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